Thursday, July 01, 2004

Random Jumpers

I'm new to this whole idea of blogging in the sense that I'm actually doing a blog for myself but I may as well jump right in. Sink, swim or drown, that's my motto.
Apparently the new trend to offing oneself in Atlanta is to jump from overpasses onto the highway below as cars are streaming by. That's fine, you want to end it, you end it, but for hells sake can you people pick times other than RUSH HOUR for this to happen?
Don't get me wrong, I am very aware of the fact that there are people who think that life totally sucks, etc etc. HOWEVER, I don't feel the need to share it with you by spending 3-4 hours in my car on a 100 degree day with humidity so that you can have your 15, 20, however long it takes minutes of fame to tell the world how shitty your life is. Well, listen up, you're not the only one. Meanwhile 3/4 of Atlanta is wasting gas and getting pissed off. For the record hell hath no fury like a mom in a gas guzzling SUV that can hold a soccer team who is forced to put everything on hold temporarily for you, yes you, the Jumper. Now, I feel so much better and I will turn my attention to figuring out how to make a frisbee out of the phone on my desk. Hey, it beats hanging out on a bridge.


Blogger From Grits to Gringa said...

My brother-n-law, who was trapped in the jam, said if the guy did not kill himself that he should be required to reimburse everyone for gas. He said his truck drank at least ten bucks worth and he smoked twice as many cigarettes as normal. It's a sad situation but he made me laugh!

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