Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Angry New Yorker

It was recently pointed out to me that I am an angry New Yorker to which I replied, “well, aren’t we all”?? Of course, this didn’t come out of the blue as apparently I was speaking with someone from another North Eastern state and tended to pretty much say what was on my mind. Yes, this included profanity, but no more than usual.

It must be that hard edge to my voice when I become engrossed in conversation or maybe it’s the fact that living in the South (which is more North anyway) hasn’t done one damn thing to curb my otherwise outspoken self. I’d rather not be one of the “ladies who lunch” but rather the “lady who makes her own lunch” as this assures me that I don’t have to choke down and choke on an incredible mass of BS sandwiches.

Sure, I could go on and on about how many things in the North are better than the South but then, I’m not only an Angry New Yorker, I’m also a (insert favorite “angry” word here). It wasn’t as if I was bad mouthing the South in my supposed “anger”, I mean I live here right, so I must like some aspect of it, aside from the month of rain we received.

Trying to validate my point that New Yorkers aren’t angry, (well all of us aren’t), I was told that people in the southern states are just more “mellow”. Of course I laughed audibly and loudly at this as I thought “hmm, in all my years of living in various New England states and New York, no one flipped me the bird on the highway, cut me off while going 90 miles an hour or yelled out the window a cornucopia of expletives that gave away a negative IQ”.

At any rate, this “Angry New Yorker” would like to recommend a very non angry website so you can work off some of that stress that us “Yankees” and everyone else carry with us forever. So, strap on those hiking shoes that offer superb comfort at Merrell and work off some of that steam.


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