Thursday, November 06, 2008

Something to Chew On

Yeah yeah, I've not blogged in a bit but this is something that CHAPS MY ASS. Prop 8 - passed and here's an article on "Why Gay Marriage was Defeated in California".

Proposition 8

But this is my FAVORITE part:

"A symbolic low point for the gay side came on Oct. 13, when the Sacramento Bee ran a remarkable story about Rick and Pam Patterson, a Mormon couple of modest means - he drives a 10-year-old Honda Civic, she raises their five boys - who had withdrawn $50,000 from their savings account and given it to the pro-8 campaign. "It was a decision we made very prayerfully," Pam Patterson, 48, told the Bee's Jennifer Garza. "Was it an easy decision? No. But it was a clear decision, one that had so much potential to benefit our children and their children."

And one of my favorite blog comments from the "Bee" - Because if there's something Mormons support, it's marriage between one man and ONE woman. The other women they marry at the same time don't count."

They can eat a bag of dick! yes dick, because they'll tell you the rest doesn't count anyway.


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