Friday, July 16, 2004

You Can Learn a LOT from a Grandma

Yes, as you have probably guessed by now, I am quite fond of my grandparents and rightly so, I learned alot from them and use that knowledge in my every day life.  My grandparents have all passed away now, with the last one being on October 12th, 2002.  Very vividly, I recall that, because I was, not to brag, her favorite, hands down. It wasn't a secret, it was well known throughout the family and thus, even though 2 years has gone by, I still haven't quite accepted it.
Maybe it's because she was my last grandparent or maybe it's because Alzheimers took her slowly, but took her nevertheless.  There's only one thing to say about Alzheimers, it SUCKS in a huge way. It SUCKS in that "you suck chrome off a bumper hitch" way and that's sucking in a big way.  Then again, there's only one thing to say about my grandma, she ROCKED. Sure, I thought the things she did were weird, crazy when she did them, but damn, it all makes sense now.  Some people call it oddness, but this, yes this is were eccentricity comes from. It all depends on how you look at it.
Here's a list of what my grandma taught me. When you're a kid it's weird. When you're an adult you laugh and say "no shit."
1.  Tofu is good for you, even if it looks like a sponge.
2. You CAN eat dandelions, but you have to pick them young and boil them with salt.
3. If you have to, baking soda is a good toothpaste substitute, but not all the time.  Add a little hydrogen peroxide and BA-DOW instant whitening. (SCREW COLGATE)
4. Alcohol is a laxative (you didn't need to know that, did you????)
5. White vinegar and water can be used to bleach your floors instead of Clorox
6. Fish is GOOD for you, I don't care if it smells up the whole house
7. When you're sick and have to stay home from school, it's okay to sit in the yard, because the sun makes you feel better.
8. 3 words Oil of Olay.
9. Smart women observe more and talk less.
10. You can reuse styrofoam meat trays for just about anything.
Yes, my grandma taught me many things, but these were the ones that stick out in my mind the most.  She was many things to me, a mother, a grandmother, a protector, but most of all she was the type of grandmother that any kid would love to have but she was mine, all mine.
I learned many things about her after she passed away, much more than when she was alive and at some other time, I'll bore you with that.  But for now, I'd like to thank my grandmother for blessing me with a good gene pool as all the time, I get asked "how old are you" and when I respond 32, I get answers such as "no way, uh uh, you're joking".  Nope, I'm 32, I look in my mid 20's (I think) and get compliments as such.  She was 84 when she died, but I'll be damned if she didn't look a day over 30.  Beautfiul, elegant and refind.


Blogger From Grits to Gringa said...

Awesome post! I remember my grandmother in much the same way. She is 93 now and told me recently that she believes she has seen her last Christmas. I hope that is not true. She talks to me frequently about death and is so peaceful about it. I asked her one time if she was scared and she said only of being forgotton. So I made her an I-Movie for her birthday present and made copies for all of her friends and family. It took me about a month or two of working on it often. It was one hour long with 350 pictures, some old 8mm clips of her and her children and quotes from about 30 members of our family and her friends. I also videotaped 7 or 8 of the kids and grandkids talking about her life. She watches it a couple of times per week but I think it meant more to me to make it than it has to anyone else, including her. I realized putting everything together what an amazing life she truly has had. I cried multiple times thinking about not having her soon. But, I also cried over all the lives I know she's changed. She was a 10th grade English teacher for 30 years and it was what she loved more than anything. I will start my new job in two weeks... teaching 10th grade English. She is amazing... and I love to write about her. So, thank you for making me think of this tonight. I will go to bed with a smile! Take care, Mandy

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