Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm Super!!!! - Superficial That Is

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back....sorry about that, flashback. It was pointed out to me today by a friend of mine of almost 6 years that she sometimes "wonders if we're friends or just superficial".

Little background. I went on a date with someone who asked me not to show her photo to others as she works for the DOD (yeah, that's all you're gettin, bitches), and I agreed. We met through an online dating site, no, not and in a brief moment of non-clarity, this person posted her photo but then quickly took it down. No big deal, except....

Said "almost 6 year friend" wanted to see a photo, so I told her there wasn't one, technically there's not, anymore. Later I said in conversation, "she didn't look like her photo, but she explained why and it was valid. (for the curious, no, it wasn't an old photo she posted).

"Almost 6 year friend" says, "I thought you said she didn't have a photo" and I said, "well, she did for a skinny minute, but then took it down, and I wouldn't have shown you anyway, she asked me not to send it because of what she does and who she works for". A resonable request on DOD girl's part, I think. By the way folks, we aren't talking state gov we're talking FEDERAL - so chew on that for a moment - and back to the story.

"Almost 6 year friend" says, "oh, I get it now" and then abruptly signs off AIM. (HI AOHELL). I text message her and say "be mad if you want too but I respected this persons request." To which I get "I'm not even in your state, so you wouldn't show me?" DUH DUH and did I say DUH? Now, this is an intelligent woman, folks, so it blew my mind when she said this. Um HELLO, the last time I checked the DOD was on the Federal level, so therefore it doesn't MATTER what STATE I'm IN. (Often it's the state of ignorant bliss and I like it that way.)

Then the superficial comment shows up. Yeah, I'm so superficial. So superficial that I put up with your nonsense for years, I've watched you make poor dating choices and then call me crying because someone has yet again, broke your heart and my heart aches for you, and the rest of me wants to pummel that person. I'm so superficial that I take your drunk calls, your insults, your hyper-critical assessments of people I am interested in romantically. I listen to how NO ONE is as good as your current romantic interest and then listen again about how poorly they treated you.

And yet, I find myself superficially sending you a gift every Xmas and birthday and going all out. (yeah, we had a brief interlude, but that's where it stopped). I find myself listening to you be scathing in your remarks about others and making comments to me that cut to the bone. And saying nothing. I allow you to cut me off mid-sentence because "you don't care about that crap."

But yeah, I'm superficial.

Thanks for asking.


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