Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Do you believe???

This is an email I sent to someone recently to get their thoughts.

I found you through the website mentioned in the subject line and I saw the link for the paranormal site via a comment you left for (name removed). Maybe you can help.

I live with roommates and a 14 year old in a house in Stone Mountain, GA that was built in the 60s, the house it approximately 40 years old.

The 14 year old has seen on 2 separate occassions a "black mist" - the second time he saw it, he said that he felt scared and paniced. He also said that whatever it was was angry. When his mother asked him how he knew that, he said "I just felt it mom, it was very angry." Of course he's a little scared now.

To the best of everyone's knowledge, no one has died in this house. an elderly couple lived here and the husband passed in a hospital, the wife moved to the Mother in Law suite as she had difficulty getting up and down the stairs. I live in the Mother in Law suite as it's like a studio apartment and I don't feel uncomfortable. I have had trouble sleeping but i think its due to an incredible amount of stress right now.

There are 5 dogs that live in the house as well. Not sure if that matters or not, I've just always known that animals can sense things humans cannot.

Can you give any thoughts or suggestions? We are having a Buddhist Monk or a Raike (sp?) master come bless the house very soon.

I'd appreciate any thoughts that you might have.

So...thoughts, opinions, etc? Do you believe? I certainly don't think we walk this earth alone and really if there is something there that can't seem to make it to the other side, I want to either a) help it on it's journey or b) let it know that the home and the land is in good, caring hands.


Blogger ~Deb said...

I go to a Reiki master for treatments---they’re wonderful if you get the ‘real ones’. Be careful with that. They’re just as reliable as psychics sometimes. Some are real into it and know what they’re doing, and others are doing for the money. So just watch out for that kind of stuff.

The black mist sounds more like an energy. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad…or good. If it’s not bothering you in a negative way, and you can coincide with the entity—I wouldn’t do much about it.

Even though no one has died in that home or suffered greatly, there still can be other things leading up to why they’re existing in your home. For one, it could be an ancient burial ground from years and years ago. Back then, they didn’t hold them sacred enough to reserve the property.

No one truly knows what has happened on their home’s land more than a thousand years ago. I tried looking up my house’s history, and it’s very difficult to find that stuff. Nothing happened here---so it says. My mother witnessed a man dying right on her front doorstep. I truly believe his soul isn’t floating around here. We see a woman in a gray housecoat walking around---and she has been seen by four other people with the same description. She doesn’t harm us or bother us. In fact, she hides from us, or runs away. It’s really bazaar.

I hope you find closure to what’s going on in your home.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, animals usually sense these things. Sometimes spirits can be attached to objects such as jewelry or furniture, so it doesn't matter whether someone died in the house or not. I think you're right with going to a Reiki master for this kind of cleansing. Good luck with it.

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