Monday, August 28, 2006

Some things about me

This won't be one of those 100 Things About Me lists, but just a few things to pass the downtime at work.

-I'm 34
-I'm gay
-I'm 5'6 with hazel eyes and brown hair that I dye auburn
-I have a Westie named Maximus (Max for short) - I adopted him, he's a good boy
-I'm a first time aunt
-I like kids, alot, but don't have any of my own
-I have good friends
-I live in Atlanta, in a MIL Suite, which is bigger than any studio apartment in Atlanta, I only have to share the kitchen area.
-I love shoes
-I play softball and like to be active
-I cycle almost daily. Small rides during the week (6 miles or so) and longer rides (30 miles or so) on Saturday or Sunday
-I'm a former English teacher
-I now work in IT
-I prefer protein over carbs
-I LOVE unsweet tea
-I was born and raised in NY
-I've lived in NYC and Boston
-I've had 2 serious relationships
-They ended poorly
-I like burnt toast, I will purposefully burn it, this is the only way I'll eat white bread
-I wear glasses and look damn good in them
-I like to laugh
-I like wine
-Mean people piss me off
-I am OCD about cleaning
-I starch and iron ALL of my work shirts
-I fold my laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer
-I drive a Mustang
-Cockroaches gross me out
-Snakes, spiders and other bugs don't bother me at all
-My parents are still each other
-I have a brother and a sister, I'm the oldest
-I have no living grandparents
-That makes me sad, sometimes
-Sometimes I am overly sensitive, sometimes I don't care
-I am a Pisces (maybe I spelled that wrong)
-I use the "F" word far to often, but I'm getting better with it
-I love to cook
-Passive-aggressive people bother me
-One of my favorite quotes is this: "Expecting the world to treat you well because you think you're a good person, is like asking the bull to stop charging because you're a vegetarian."
-I try to lead a good life and be kind to everyone
-I hold people to very high standards, because I do the same for myself
-I won't ever wear a dress
-Vanilla and lavender are 2 of my favorite scents
-Autumn is my favorite season
-I was told once, by a friend of a friend, who I'd never met, "you have the most beautiful eyes, so full of life."
-This compliment bothered my partner of the time so much that she made fun of me, then didn't speak to me for a week.
-I have a bad habit of taking care of everyone else before I take care of myself
-I chew gum like a madman

That's all for now. If there's anything you'd like to know, please ask.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vanilla and lavender are my two favorite scents too.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Girl Shutterbug said...

Hey there! Finally got to your blog! Thanks for the welcome from the 4th Tuesday List. Great blog! I'll check back often!

4:51 AM  
Blogger Girl Shutterbug said...

PS.. Love the list.. I too use the "F" Word too frequently and love flip flops. Also agree that cockroaches are incredibly gross!

4:56 AM  
Blogger ~Deb said...

I'm assuming the person that you never met before, has seen a picture of make that wonderful compliment. ;) The eyes are the most important feature when I look at someone. When they're full of life, so is their soul!

6:51 AM  
Blogger hotdrwife said...

I love that you love flip-flop's!! And I'll take the carbs you don't want. Sigh..

4:01 PM  

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