Sunday, October 22, 2006


I use to use this type of poem with my high school kids, when I taught, as kind of an ice breaker, so I thought I'd try it again, myself.

I am kind and caring
I wonder if I'll reach the expectations I set for me
I hear the leaves as they fall from the trees
I want to be wildly successful
I am kind and caring

I pretend I am invincible
I feel the beat of a dragons wings
I touch the stars above
I worry my nephew will have it harder than I did
I cry because I don't always understand the world around me
I am kind and caring

I understand that I am worthy of a genuine love
I say live and let live
I dream that Alzheimers, AIDS and all cancers will be a thing of the past
I try to make fair and just decisions
I hope that everyone I know realizes a love that runs true and deep
I am kind and caring


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