Thursday, July 22, 2004

Things That Chap My Hide

Also known as things that annoy the ever loving day lights out of me, but who wants to read about that? 

Now that I have your attention, I just have to let loose with things that bother me or chap my hide.  Can't you almost see John Wayne saying, "well son, that just chaps my hide." Or Clint Eastwood perhaps?

Here's a list
 1. People who pronounce things wrong then get offended when you correct them.  It's I E DUH for Aida, NOT A DUH.  This is someone's life work, blood, sweat and tears. At least be courteous enough to make an effort and not brush it off as whatever.

2.  When someone asks you if you like something, they are probably searching for a compliment. GIVE THEM ONE.  Do not say, "well, it's not trendy if that's what you're going for." Maybe they weren't trying for trendy, who knows. You should say, "That looks nice or I really think this color is better." Be honest, but be nice.
Side note, this doesn't apply if your friend/significant other says, "do I look fat in this?" That's a loaded question and should be banished anyway.

3.  When an accomplishment is made, say congratulations. What? it takes like 2 seconds to say that, then you can get on with your self.

4.  Be nice to the elderly. You'll be one someday and they can always tell when you are losing patience with them. Besides that, there are some elderly at my gym that could probably kick your ass in no time flat AND feel good about it.

5. Be sympathetic to others as you might be the one in need of a shoulder to cry on one day. Don't be jaded, mean, stand off-ish or the next Ice Queen. Just be human.

Okay, so now that I've vented that and feel 10 pounds lighter, here are some things I really really like,

A Few of My Favorite Things (insert music and words here)
1.  The Fall, yes the season. What, you thought I meant actually falling??? No
2. The crunch of leaves and freshly fallen snow under my feet.
3. The smell of leaves and freshly fallen snow.
4. Comfortable silence.
5. Freshly shaved legs. YUM
6. My Westies - if there were kids, they'd need prozac, ritalin, hell a pill salad to calm them down.
7. Dying my hair.
8. The smell of babies. OOOOO, I just LOVE that smell.
9. Watching kids make complete fools of their parents, not because they are bad, but because they can. Damn, some parents will act stoooopid to get Susie into the stroller, lol.
10. The smell of Yardleys of London - Lavender soap.

I have a TON of things I like, those are just a few.  Perhaps I'll add more later, perhaps not.  Oh, one thing I forgot to add to my "Muse" blog.  Just this snippet from a country song:

Somebody in the next car
Somebody on the morning train 
Somebody in the coffee shop
That you walk right by everyday
Somebody that you look at
But never really see
Somewhere out there
Oh somewhere out there is somebody


Blogger From Grits to Gringa said...

Uuummm. You are quite fascinating. I, too, really love watching parents act crazy... especially fathers for some reason. I guess it reminds me of my dad and shows how much they love the child. I wish more men stripped the crap off to do this. But, it just goes to show that children can accomplish more than the President and Trump put together. When that changes, I'm asking to be reincarnated into something different.. hey, maybe a butterfly or better yet... a muse.

7:06 PM  

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