Thursday, November 30, 2006

What A Day

My gut feeling was that I should have gone right back to bed, as soon as I got out of it. And...I was right.

I got up with a raging headache from the night before, managed to somehow fall off the toilet, all the while my Westie, Max is staring at me like "lady, I've got to PEE NOW, so can you move it along?". I go out of my room, Max in tow, stumble up the steps to the kitchen, let Max out and put some dry oatmeal in a bag to fix at work. I manage to spill half of said oatmeal in the trash and seriously contemplated taking it out and using it. HEY, I just put a clean bag in there.

I let Max in.

I go down to the family room, and I hear my roommate telling a story about how she thought the car was in park, but it wasn't and she started to get out, and the car rolled and she was "hysterical" (her word not mine), slammed on the brakes and the car door closed on her leg. Yeah, ouch I thought.

I went into my room to shower, feed Max and get ready for work. I manage to get face soap in my eye, but I also brushed my teeth in the shower to save time. How clever am I? Heh.

Getting dressed goes off without any hitches.

I go to take Max out one more time before I go to work. I round the corner of the garage and that's when. I. saw. it. The passenger rear view mirror of my Mustang was dangling on the side of the car.

My face went "OH", my brain said "huh", my mouth said "WHAT THE FUCK!?!" In that order people and you better believe I RAN to that car.

My first thought, vandalism, because my roommate had her wallet stolen from her truck, she also didn't lock her truck, and I don't live in a bad area. My second thought, my roommate's son tried to shove the trash can through the 2 cars and took my mirror off.

I tried to put it back on, no luck, I tried 5 times.

Then I went inside and said to my roommate, "my side view mirror on the passenger side is hanging off my car, you don't think (insert son's name here), took it off with the trash can do you"?. All the color drained from my roommates face. And she realized she had hit it with her car. They were going to duct tape it or bungee it for today and I said, "OH NO, I am not driving around with duct tape on my car, besides it will remove the paint."

She took my car to get it fixed, I took her car to go to work.

Shit hit the fan at work. When I ask someone for follow up info and they tell me what I already know, followed by "read the notes" (which I've already read), HELL TO THE NO.

Then I get a phone call. "The dealership didn't have the part, (which cost 170 bucks by the way, JUST the part, not the labor), so we have to bring it back tomorrow, they open at 7 AM." LOVELY, but what can I do. So tomorrow, I'll be in the office extra early, but I get to leave early to pick up the car. My roommate will be giving me a ride to work and picking me up to go get the car.

Right now, I want a hot bath, a glass of red wine and the lap of my lover to lay my head in. That's all I want.

I'll talk about 6th Grade tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a sucky day. Hope today is better.

5:10 AM  
Blogger ~Deb said...

Sorry to hear about this. They say that days like these are most likely due to Mercury in retrograde or something along those lines. People fall off toilets (haha) sorry...and others just can't get anything right. They're clumsy, forgetful and seem to lose track of the meaning of the English language. With me, my whole entire language is BACKWARDS. I'm the biggest clutz, and everything around me gets broken.

I'm staying home today.

7:37 AM  
Blogger dirk.mancuso said...


I feel your pain. My life is like this every day. At this point, I just laugh and keep going.

7:13 AM  

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