Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Myriad of Thoughts

First, let me start by saying that some things shouldn't be put into print for the world to see. From an article on 3 foot worms, that smell like lilies and spit at their enemies.

"This worm is the stuff that legends and fairy tales are made of," worm supporter Steve Paulson declared. "What kid wouldn't want to play with a 3 foot-long, lily smelling, soft pink worm that spits?"

Yeah, ok. Moving on.

Starbucks is being sued for 114 million for not honoring it's free coupon. Long story short, Starbucks is being sued for 114 (m) million dollars over its recall of a coupon that entitled the holder to a free iced drink. Someone at Starbucks really messed up, they sent an email to a select few employees with instructions to forward to friends and family and it got out of control, so they stopped it.

But now, people who have the coupon are being denied and someone sued them.

Way to go Starbucks marketing and SUCK IT UP to the big baby who can't have her free iced coffee. People who sue over things like this, piss me off.

The ASSHAT of the Day award goes to the dumb broad that pulled out in front of me and almost caused an accident. I hit the brakes hard enough that the tires squealed, thankfully, I just got new brakes, or I'd be picking my sunglasses out of my face after the airbag embedded them in there. BIG RED MUSTANG coming your way, DO NOT get all STUPID and pull out in front of me. No, I was not speeding, I was going the speed limit, it was the timing of when she pulled in front of me.

Another baffling news read - people in Australia are randomly killing stingrays. I'm sure this is what Steve Irwin would want (insert heavy sarcasm here). It was a FREAK ACCIDENT people. I'm sure the stingray didn't intentionally kill him. It's an animal, it relies on instinct and since, oh what, the 1840's only 18 people have been killed by stingrays, so it's not like we're talking vicious animals here.

Sometimes I'm ashamed of the human race and I'm not perfect.

On another note, I thought the 9-11 posts were great. Goes to prove that there's some awesome people out there.

Until later....


Blogger Big Pissy said...

I saw something about the stingrays being killed.

That's just so stupid and not what Steve Irwin would have wanted.

I had someone run a stop sign in front of me yesterday. I say him coming or it would have been a disaster!

Pissed me off!!!!

5:15 PM  

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