Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Morning at My Office

A Monday morning conversation between me and a co-worker. I took my co-worker's name out, you for privacy and all that jazz.

[9:52 AM]
[9:52 AM]you get the BEST SITES EVER
[9:55 AM] Yeah - MERRY CHRISTMAS - have some pork.
[9:55 AM]LOL
[9:56 AM]That color screams "MERRY CHRISTMAS" to me and not "Hi! Buy some Italian foods!"
[9:56 AM]better than Happy Chanakkuh - I'm sure I spelled that wrong.
[9:56 AM]lol
[9:56 AM]K said the same thing. Even the things in the header kind of look like snow flakes.
[9:56 AM]at least it doesn't scream Ramadan, yeah that would be bad for business
[9:57 AM]I thought you said "At least it doesn't scream Ramada Inn"
[9:57 AM]LOL
[9:57 AM]no, I said Mariott, GOSH, SCOTT
[9:57 AM]I think I need to get my eyes checked.
[9:57 AM]Napolean says HI
[9:57 AM]?
[9:58 AM]Napolean who?
[9:58 AM]Dynamite
[9:58 AM]GOSH
[9:58 AM]LOL
[9:59 AM]he'll ring you a delicious badd
[9:59 AM]bass
[9:59 AM]bring too
[9:59 AM]"Tina, come and get some ham!"
[9:59 AM]I need to get my spelling checked
[9:59 AM]come and get some ham from
[9:59 AM]LOL
[9:59 AM]More like sausage
[9:59 AM]Do llamas eat sausage?
[10:00 AM]they should put the Swedish Chef on there as flash going "pork, pork, pork"
[10:00 AM]Don't give them any ideas!
[10:00 AM]I think Alpaca's do - AHHHHH, ALPACA
[10:00 AM]lol
[10:00 AM]But what about Harvey the Wonder Llama?
[10:01 AM]oh he does
[10:01 AM]because I SAID SO
[10:01 AM]so don't ask why
[10:01 AM]lol
[10:01 AM]I'm QA, I have the FINAL SAY
[10:01 AM]"Welcome to MONDAY at (company name here)!"
[10:01 AM]lol
[10:01 AM]Grandma called....
[10:02 AM]She didn't get run over by a reinder?
[10:02 AM]she said to stop eating her steaks
[10:02 AM]I saw the most bizarro thing this weekend "A Twisted Sister" Christmas cd
[10:02 AM]reindeer is next month, this month it's turkeys, GOSH
[10:02 AM]YES
[10:03 AM]I want it
[10:03 AM]I'm truly frightened!
[10:03 AM]you find the COOLEST stuff
[10:03 AM]The even did a duet with Lita Ford.
[10:03 AM]you have like a cool stuff radar built in
[10:03 AM]LOL
[10:04 AM]Twisted Sister sings, the little drummer boy, with special guest, Lita Frod
[10:04 AM]Ford
[10:04 AM]Yeah - that's her second cousin twice removed.
[10:04 AM]no way
[10:04 AM]LOL
[10:04 AM]see, I'd believe that, just based on makeup alone
[10:04 AM]Or Lita Frodo - she dresses as a hobbit
[10:05 AM]you win, lol
[10:05 AM]because I'm laughing too hard to think of anything


Blogger PhreaqueOnaLeash said...

Do you work for ;)

P.S. - I think nerds are HOT.

9:05 AM  
Blogger Big Pissy said...

"Lita Frodo" hahahaha!!!

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:44 PM  

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