Wednesday, November 08, 2006

These are a few of my favorite things...

Just like the Sound of Music (see I am really a gay man), these are a few of my favorite things: Feel free to add your favorite things in the comments.

-warm bath sheets (like bath towels, only BIGGER)
-soft sheets
-India Gardenia
-peppermint hot chocolate
-black licorice
-freshly fallen snow
-silence in winter, when everything is still
-the way babies smell
-red wine
-going cycling
-yardwork (weird I know)
-hot wings
-non-American (read Bud, etc) beers
-soft skin
-softer lips
-homemade blackberry pie with big, fat, blackberries
-mac and cheese, homemade
-green bean casserole
-soft clothing

And....a girl named Bri - I be careful you, really.


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