Monday, November 06, 2006

Weekend Warrior

The only thing I really wanted to do this weekend was paint my bathroom. I mean I stripped the layers of wallpaper off the walls, oh a year ago and just could decide on a color, but I couldn't look at wall that looked like someone blew chunks all over it either. So, it's been, what I like to call "industrial" for a year.

I get my primer on Friday.

On Saturday, just as I get out of the shower, I hear "JR, the sink's leaking all over the place." I run into the kitchen, towel wrapped around me and one on my head, to see the kitchen floor flooded with water. NICE. People, I had an appointment to get my hair did. So I shut the water off, asked my roommated to get all the stuff out from under the sink, threw some clothes on, got my hair did (it looks FIERCE), came home (I rent, so my roommates own house), and went to work fixing the sink. FOUR HOURS LATER, 5 TRIPS TO HOME DEPOT (because certainly "lil'lady" what you could know about plumbing - I knew he sold me the wrong piece of pipe), ONE TRIP to the Ace Hardware, being soaked with water, "forgetting" I had my head under the sink and trying to stand up, hitting my head so hard, I throw-up under the sink, but didn't pass out, cutting my head, not deeply, thank goodness, the sink is no longer leaking.

I clean the kitchen and make chili - sans beans, just to see what it tastes like. but I ROCK in the kitchen, so of course, my chili rocks.

Bathroom does not get painted.

Sunday....said sink is now stopped up on the left hand side and the garbage disposal is backing up into it. It's a double sink. Yeah, I'd back up too if someone emptied half a can of GREASE down my gaping maw.

I fix that. Get keys made of ALL doors. Then have to put a new handle and lock on the garage door.

2 HOURS of literally hammering the old lock out. First one knob, then the other - it's an old house, old doors, old locks. 3 TRIPS TO HOME DEPOT, my fault this time, I kept forgetting things, 30 minutes to put the new lock and handles in.

Bathroom never got painted.

I have a small cut on my head, a cut on my thumb, 2 small cuts on my middle and ring finger, but DAMMIT we have a working sink, working door locks and enough keys for everyone. I even managed to get laundry done, clean my bathroom and have 2 glasses of wine before talking to the most beautiful girl in the world and then falling asleep.

Not too bad for a "Lil' Lady" is it?


Blogger Softball Slut said...

I hate it when Maintence men tell me I dont know what I am talking about. Farking assholes. Cause I am a girl, I don kno nothin

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