Monday, December 04, 2006

Interjection! (for excitement or emotion or because I don't feel like talking about 7th Grade right now)

Wooo, what a whirlwind weekend. What's that? You want to hear about it? I thought you'd never ask.

Saturday - up at 8, that's A.M. to tutor a 6 year old. I have little to no experience working with that age, but my roommmate thought I could handle it so she directed the mother to me. Great! I took it because my roommate said "5th or 6th" when I asked how old the kid was, meaning 11 or 12, 5th or 6th grade, that's how I took it, but alas, he was SIX. How did it go? It didn't. They never showed, I waited until 10:25. I was a little ticked, because a)it was 25 bucks NOT in my pocket (and my rates are cheap compared to others) and b) I had to push back my holiday shopping time by ONE hour, yeah the horror.

Get home, meet friend, Rachel and we hit the mall. Now, I don't care for malls, at all. I go in, get what I need and get out. I avoid them if I can. So, why did I go? Because my dad just had to have theOne Touch Can Opener. Do you think I could find it online, OH NO. So off to the mall I go.

When we get there, right off the bat, I find the can opener in Bed, Bath and Beyond. WOOO to the HOOO for that short lived escapade. Then we venture inside (insert doom and gloom music here)THE MALL! And, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Of course we enter by the food court, so it's packed with people, but that's to be expected.

First stop, Bath and Body, where I manage to blow a small fortune on TWO, yes TWO gifts. But I got some rockin' free stuff for me, YAY. Merry Christmas to me, from me, LOVE me.

Then we stopped by a Hallmark Store so I could get some cards, I mean I have to mail those out, it's necessary for me to do this.

Well... Rachel had to find a dress for my company's holiday party, so we stopped at Black House | White Market where nothing in that place fit me, but whatever. She didn't find anything she liked and one of the salesgirls was pretty funny.

Then we stopped to get some pretzel bites and a soda because we were both going to pass out, but we were also going to meet my friend Denise at Taco Mac for beer and wings, where I later had Santa's Brew - SEE SANTA IS REAL.

After pretzel bites, we headed to Victoria Secret where all the salesgirls were BYATCHES and no sense of humor at all, damn. Yeah, no it's not for me ladies, so no worries.

We leave the mall, so yeah, ok we people watched and commented, ok I commented, Rachel just laughed. And we went to look for some Ellen Tracey perfume for Rachel at Ulta but alas, we couldn't find it.

After Taco Mac and after going to get Rachel a small tree, we headed home. NINE.HOURS.LATER, but damn I had fun!!!


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