Wednesday, December 06, 2006

7th Grade

Okay, it took me a bit to begin writing about 7th Grade because I had to remember all of my teachers. Yeah, I went from 1 teacher to oh 6 or 7, that's a lot to handle when you're 13.

My teachers were:
English - Mrs. Shevlin - she and my mom knew each other.
History - Mr. Bruno
Math - Mr. Fasulo
Science - Mrs. Berdenko - I still can't spell it right.
Gym - Mrs. Pollack
Art - Ms. Bange (said like banj, but of COURSE we said BANG)

I started playing sports too, intramural and then was asked to join the JV team,yes in the 7th grade.

It was also about this time that I realized I was "different" than the other girls. I didn't like "girly things", I played ice hockey, MOST if not all of my friends were boys, I was always getting yelled at for not "sitting like a lady", (I wonder if Jenna Jamison got yelled at like that? lol) and generally, I was just a big "tomboy".

And because 13 is when your body starts going NUTTY, I became the kid that got made fun of for having bad acne, being a "big" girl (ok fat), and just generally being a dork. As an aside, time has been good to me and all those girls that made fun of me??? Got knocked up and stuck in that dead end town I grew up in.

Although, I was active, I found great comfort in food, lots of food,(at my heaviest in my life I was about 250, but this would fluctuate), but around this time, something was happening to me. I was one of the first to get "boobs" as the boys called them and my cousin took it upon himself to sexually molest me, this went on for 3 years and I never told anyone, because I ALWAYS got told I was a liar, so why bother. I was told years later, that's probably why I ate so much, because I was in control.

Aren't you glad you're reading today?

Don't get me wrong, 7th Grade didn't suck, although, I didn't have many friends, I did ok. Good grades, played the trombone, my grandmother taught me piano, but yeah, everytime I think back to 7th Grade, it's that memory of my cousin that comes through like a freight train.

I'm sorry this isn't more uplifting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie. You need a hug.

I love these grade stories. It's such a good idea. I wish I could remember my school years.

5:39 PM  

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