Thursday, December 07, 2006

Expounding on WHEEEEEEE

So today at work I was reading a website on the Nintendo Wii that a co-worker sent me and while reading, it dawned on me, that those people at Nintendo are GENUISES.

Seriously, think about it. Video game makers take some of the brunt of the blame for making kids "fat". Let's not take into consideration that it's the parents who don't make their kids get outside and play, exercise, whatever. In fact, I know a 14 year old who is allowed to eat a WHOLE PIZZA in one sitting. Is that normal? I mean does a 14 year old NEED a WHOLE PIZZA? Sad, I wasn't allowed to sit inside all the time and play video games. Oh, we had an Original Nintendo, but my mom limited the amount of time we spent on it. But I digress.

Anyway, the Wii, you have to actually move the controller to move the character and not the joystick people, the WHOLE controller. It becomes and extension of your body. Creepy but cool. You play KnockOut and you jab right with the controller in your hand and your character jabs right. It's an AEROBIC workout. And that's the GENIUS in it. It gets people to exercise without knowing it. HOLY SHIT, why didn't someone think of that sooner?????

Pure Genius and it's fun to say "Wii (WHEEEEEE)" I don't think it was a mistake on Nintendo's part that they developed a gaming system like this, not a mistake, not at all.

I want a Wii.


Blogger ~Deb said...

Didn't they show this game on "The Biggest Loser" on TV? That reality show that people lose weight on? It looked really interesting.

Remember Atari? ha! Those were the days.

3:06 PM  

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