Thursday, April 30, 2009

Afghanistan Women’s and Children's Clinic

I'm posting this for a friend. Make a donation, send it around to your friends, POST it on your blogs.

I am writing this letter on behalf of the Afghanistan Women’s and Children's Clinic in the Paktika province. The Clinic began when 3 female soldiers (myself included) became concerned about the plight of the local children and women to receive medical care. In the remote region of Afghanistan, where the clinic is located, there are was only one local Afghan female to treat all the women in the province. We began to go over to the local all female clinic 3 days a week and work for a few hours delivering free medical care and training to the mid-wife.

This effort is not funded by the military and we do this in our spare time. We get all of our medical supplies as well as medicines and humanitarian aid (shoes, clothes, etc) from donations. We rely solely on these donations to keep the clinic up and running. Everything that we get goes directly to the patients. With over 70% of the population living in poverty, they couldn't afford medical treatment even if they desperately needed it.

We treat both females and children and operate with an all female staff, as women and girls are not allowed to be seen by male doctors. Many of the children that come in are severely malnourished and are in need of baby formula and food. Most of the time, the mother is either dead or can't produce breast milk. The locals have no way in which to purchase baby formula and no where to buy it from.

I was hoping that your company would either be willing to donate some baby formula and other baby items or allow me to purchase them at a reduced cost.

Thank you in advance for your consideration into this matter and any help that you can offer. If you would like to see the hard work we have been doing and the children which will be receiving the baby formula, you can visit my website:

Thank you!
Sgt. Michelle Johnson
FOB Waza Khwa, Afghanistan

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Florida Foliage

Just some foliage right outside my front and back door. I don't know the proper names for any of them, aside from the Palm, but all grow wild.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Boca Photos

Looking out onto Deerfield Beach, which is literally 15 minutes from where I live.

Pelican on the Pier. I was close enough that I could have touched it.

Ocean from the Deerfield Pier

View from the boat of a sailboat on the Intracoastal in Ft. Lauderdale.

This home, on the Intracoastal was bought by a man from the Otis Elevator family. It was a gift to his fiance. He became very ill and lost his sight because of it and the fiance left him because of it. The home now sits for sale.

End of the day. One of the may yachts on the water. Ft. Lauderdale is the yacht capital of the world.

Life's "ruff" for a puppy in Boca!