Saturday, December 18, 2004


Normally silence would bother me. I'd have to get out and do something, be somewhere amongst the crowds, the noise, anywhere but surrounded by silence.

Now, as I sit in the kitchen on this quiet morning, drinking my Diet Coke(okay I'm not a coffee drinker, but I love the way it smells), I can hear the hum of the refrigerator and my computer. The outside sounds are few and far between and yet, even those are quiet.

The sun is streaming in the windows and I can see the leaves that are left on the trees blowing in the breeze. It's a nice day, warm for this time of year. I have to laugh to myself because I know that literally 1 mile down the road, the people are shoving, pushing and grabbing at last minute gifts that they wouldn't normally buy anyway but, "I've got to have something."

And I sit here with the hum of the refigerator, the sun warming my back, in silence and I am whole.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Remember When?

I found this site today called, Rate Your ( and it lists all the colleges in the US. So, I went back so to speak to "visit" my undergrad professors at UGA and I found that they are ALL GONE, with the exception of one. I only checked those that are in the English Department because they have the most influential impact upon me. They're gone. Moved on, retired, teaching somewhere else. I'm sure a few have died as everyone must. Then it hit me, I've been out of college for a long time. Well, out of undergrad at any rate and I realized how much time has flown by.

Even the seasons seem to rush by too quickly and the holidays don't feel like holidays anymore. It's all about who can get there faster, who can afford the most gifts, who has the most "toys", another day, another dollar. I'm 32 and I looked around at what I have and what I don't and well, I've got work to do. The tangible things don't mean so much to me anymore; I mean you can't take it with you when you die (or maybe you can?)

In the end, I want to be remembered for my kindness, sarcasm, thoughtfulness, selflessness and intelligence. You can have your houses, your 3 car garages, your SUV's. It's all too much for one person anyway in my opinion and no it's not because these things are out of my grasp, but as I get older, my values have changed.

In the end, I'd rather be surrounded with those who love me for who I am, than be surrounded by those for what I have.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Why I like PSY

Today is the last day of my PSY class. Well , technically, tomorrow is and I have to say, I've learned alot about myself through the class work, through my professor but most of all through my fellow classmates. As my way of saying thanks for being so, well, so cool as a class and as individuals, I'd like to offer some parting words as this is what the OLDEST person in the class does. :) I won't use your full name, just the first initial of your first name, for privacy reasons. I'll even remove it later if you want me too, and yes, you can check to see if I have.

C - I thought you brought a refreshing air to the class each and every time you walked through the door with an upbeat attitude and a general good feeling that I thought flowed throughout the room.

S - We had our moments, but believe me, it wasn't you, it was me. I apologize. Part of me envies you because it seems almost effortless for you to touch people and in turn allow them to touch you. I'm going to to work on that part of me.

P - I enjoyed your direct approach to many of our topics and I appreciated your full out honesty. I also enjoyed the brief time we spoke with each other out of class on the way to our cars.

A - I've enjoy your company and look forward to building a friendship. I thought you were awfully brave to share the thoughts you shared with the class. It takes a strong person to do that.

J - I think some of our points of view are very much alike and I had to agree with you when you said that people down here took you the wrong way. It is a culture shock to come from the north and a major city to this area and I appreciate you sharing how that felt.

N - Even though you are quiet, it's clear to me that when you say something it is well thought out before you speak and I think that's an excellent quality to have. I enjoyed getting to know you.

A - I'm sure I could go on and on. I enjoyed sitting next to you and the fresh optimism that you brought into class with you. Your carefree attitude and honesty were refreshing to see and I have no doubt that you will obtain your goals.

S - I really enjoyed getting to know you and your stories about the "car and the stupid dog", made me laugh. I'm sure you will do very well with whatever career that you choose, simply because you have heart.

D - I think you're pretty cool. An honest, open and tell it like it is guy. That's very respectful.

K - You don't say alot but when you do, I think it's insightful and funny. I thought your presentation with the pictures of your family was very cool and I think it's even cooler(is that a word?) that you seem to have a very close relationship with your family. Thanks for not passing your mom around :)

Dr. G. - I enjoyed taking this class and I'm glad that I did. I learned alot about myself as well as how to look at issues in a new way. I thank you for your time and I appreciate how this class has helped me.

And that's how I think of each of you. There is more but there's no room for it here. Thanks for being cool and supportive to everyone. Happy Holidays.